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Board Games!
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Good New Games supplies the best international board games for your brand.

Good New Games started in a shabby caravan up in the mountains in the summer of 1998.

At the time, the founders of the company were young kids with nothing to do on a blazing hot day. They only had Building Blocks and a tiled floor. Out of boredom, imagination grew; the Building Blocks became units, resources, meeples, and scoring systems while the tiles on the floor turned into their playing board.

In 2009, Good New Games started designing its own games and in 2014, they opened their manufacturing liaison office in China. 

Currently, Good New Games supplies nearly 5% of all games in the industry. We supply to large retailers, publishers, and distributors.

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International Board Game Suppliers

Businesses world-wide Improved their Brand Name by adding Good New Games to their collection. So can you!

Choose the Card Best Suited to Your Business

You cannot change the cards life has dealt you, but in business, you can definitely improve the cards in your hand.

Which card are YOU missing to own YOUR winning company?

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Board Games

In Wholesale Board Games, we offer large and small retailers the opportunity to get great board games for a very low cost.

In Wholesale Board Games, we keep our logo and company details on the box and send you the games so that you can place them in your store. 


White Label Board Games

are for large distributors, or wholesalers, who want to have their own logo on the games.


 White Label Board Games

 is the perfect solution

for increasing your brand awareness and reach,

without the tedious work of developing games from the ground up. 

White Label

Board Games



Board Games

Royalty Board Games is

for publishers who want to both increase their product variety and use our patents or copywrites for their own brand. 

Royalty Board Games is also for new gaming businesses that would like to use our Brand Name

Good New Games -

in their area.

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6 Reasons
Distributors and Wholesalers Work with us as their Suppliers!

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1. Educational Features

Our games are designed to both educate and entertain. Families, children, and individuals who like to have fun in an easy and light atmosphere, play our games happily.  

Our games' instructions are clearly written and easy to learn. They have many features that keep players interested. Our games are played over and over with great enthusiasm.  

On average, buyers play our games time after time in a single session. Our research shows that repeat plays of the same game occur about 24.7 % more often with our games than in other game play sessions. 


When you take our games, you ensure your customers' satisfaction and retention, 

for they are Easy to learn and Fun to master.

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3. Games with high profit margins

As Good New Games, Inc. owns a personal manufacturing plant in China, we have access to the best prices on the market. 

We design our artwork and graphics in such a way that maximizes the use of raw materials and ensures that the games are attractively priced. 

We have a team of designers that set up art in the most cost-effective way and a manufacturing team that implements the smoothest operations. 

We also manage in-house the overseas shipping from China, to ensure that shipping prices stay low and competitive without a third party fee. 


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Original Games

85% of all our games are copy righted and patented in China, and in the USA. 

You can rest assured, that if you use our games for licensing or white label no cheap competitors will pop up and push down prices for these games.


Intellectual property is essential in our industry and we will make sure that your investment has the lowest risk possible. 


If you find any competitor that is violating  our compy rights and pushes prices down, our team of lawyers will be there to protect you free of charge, 


We are the owners of the IP and we will keep it that way.  

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2. Get Games that Sell

All our games have top of the line artwork and graphics to make sure they are picked up by buyers at a glance. 

Our experience has shown that games from our company, Good New Games, have a fast turnover,  unlike the games that sit on the shelf for a long time. 

The retail price of our games is low, and buyers make fast decisions to buy them. As a rule of thumb, our games sell under $50 so they can be paid for easily and not require a long buying process or hours of deliberation. 


We also offer attractive posters and marketing props that go with the games to make sure they are even more attractive to the buyer. 

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4. High Quality games & long life

Good New Games, Inc. holds its Quality Control to the highest standards, and makes every effort to see that no defective games are sent out.

After all, YOU deserve our BEST - Guaranteed!


Our materials are top-notch and they are cut

and glued with the highest precision. 

Our games have a long play life and remain in excellent condition when taken care of properly. 

They can be played numerous times with no defects developing. 

We take great pride in our work and do not want to see our games ruined or our end customers needing a return on their order.


Your time is valuable and we know how time-consuming low-quality games can be.



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Support Creators & Community

As part of our personal believe system, we provide game creators with higher commission than the average, by doing so we are proud to support and help new creators world wide share their fun Good New Games with Millions of families


In edition from our games sold we give back to the society, by donating funds or games to our lovely community of gamers.

we have already had the privilege's to donate near to 1000 games to children who ended up in the hospital due to Covid 19 as well as other cases.

We do our efforts to bring Joy and Fun to all families and friends no matter the age. 

our games fit all!