Where to Find Board Game Artists?

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Written By  Madison Clarke                             

Published on 5 Feburary 2022

The art work is the main interface that will reveal your game to the world, and even though art will not make or break your engine, and the fun of your game is dependent on many other technical factors, it will hold a great deal as far as getting your clients in the future pick up your game from the shelf and go pay for it at the cashier. Artwork will also be the main parameter that will set the mood and atmosphere in which the game is taking place, so give the art an honorable space of respect.

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    Board Game Artists for Hire

    Good New Games works to transform the way board games are made, it provides game creators with low manufacturing costs, great service, abundant resources, and more. To connect artists with board game creators and give an opportunity for both, Good New Games has embedded a list of board game artists and a form for artists to add their contact information.

    Where to Find Board Game Artists

    It is usually quite difficult to find a suitable board game artist especially when all the information is dispersed all over the web. Good New Games provides a one stop solution for you.

    1. Visit HeroTime1.com/Board-game-artists 
    2. Wait for the table of board game artists to load up
    3. Scroll up and down, right and left on the table to see the various details of each artist
    4. Visit the artists’ links
    5. Choose an artist of your liking
    6. Send him/her a message and start cooperation.

    NOTICE: Please Do not spam the artists. Instead, choose artists that seem most appropriate for your game and contact them.

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