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Your Donation Creates Happier Lives For Families and Kids

At Good New Games Inc., we believe that every family and every child deserve to experience the fun and Joy that life has to offer, regardless to their social economic back ground, Health issues or Family status.

While we are at it, why shouldn’t we provide Good New Educational Games to thus children who are less fortunate and in need, whether they are sick in Hospitals, Growing up Lonely in Orphanages or experiencing severe poverty in third world countries.

Choose today any 500+ good new games you want. We will manufacture the games with your personal name or company name placed on the game box with Honorable Gold bold letters. That way the families and children who enjoy the games will know who are the sweet people who made it possible.

Once you choose to witch country to send the games we will take care of the rest of the process and donate the games on your behalf.

Change one kids life, and you changed the world!

Which Super Hero You Want To Be Today?

Help Deprived kids to fill their free time with fun

Someday, you will have the chance to be someone’s Super Hero. What kind of a hero will the kids see when they look at you, depends entirely on you. So, what kind of super do you want to be today?

Become a World Renowned Super Hero!