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A secretly educational game that is also fun and competitive!

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You are a box stacker in a warehouse, competing with other workers for a great new job.


Stack your boxes carefully! Don’t let them break! Sabotage your opponents’ stacks to get ahead! Use tactics to blast your opponent’s boxes to bits!


This game will challenge you and excite you. It will strengthen your strategic thinking and your math skills! Stack, Break and Blast till you alone are victorious! 

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Players have testified:
  • “Really easy to set up the game.”

  • “My Children began to play the game about 2 month ago, besides falling in love with it and playing often, there grades in Mathematics has truly been improving.”

  • “Game is perfect in length, and totally grabs my kids attention, usually last no more the 30 min.”

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Proper placement not only helps you gain additional points but also helps you get better Combo moves, as well as Preventing Loss of Points.

Want to learn more? Feel free to check out our Q&A!

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The Creator

Moshe is a Motivated individual who loves games and Art, ever since he was young he loved illustrating and game designing, he also happens to be a guitarist, composer, and storyteller. 

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