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Join an exciting and hilarious role playing game with our fun new characters!

All White Metal Miniatures have a Minimum Order of


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Toon Realms

Role-playing games force you to draw from what you know and create something that you and others can enjoy. A lot of famous creators have been influenced by Dungeons & Dragons as well as many other Games such as Pathfinder and more. Comedian Stephen Colbert, writer George R. R. Martin, comedian Robin Williams, Simpsons creator Matt Groening, and Community creator Dan Harmon all played at one time or another an RPG (Role Playing Game).


Storytelling is the one of the most basic creative skills that you can draw on for so many other skills, and being a good storyteller can even make you a more charismatic person. Dive in to another world and see what kind of cool stuff you can come up with. as your create your Adventure  in the Toon Realm.

main header toon realm 2 clear.jpg

Nothing Brings an RPG Game to Life as Miniatures

Adding miniatures to your gaming experience helps Creative Expression, Patience and Care while can also be a wonderful way for you to be Creative and Paint

Toon Realms Miniatures Set A

Toon Realms Miniatures Set B