Board Game Artists for Hire

Many times when play testing your games you will hear hundreds of opinions, many of them will even contradict one another, for it is the way of life, no one person is the same like the other, and one person’s observation as flaws could seem like another person’s fun and excitement in your game. Our recommendation is first and foremost, keep an open mind and hear everyone and their opinions make sure to write them all down, and show respect to the players, including lots of patience.

After you finish writing down all the ideas save them in an idea box or file, and return to focus only on the main topic you were testing, also make sure to take in mind that your game has a target market, and you want to make sure it appeals to the people who will be buying and playing it. Try to use your logic wits and experience to decide what rules to bend and change, and what to leave the same.

Making your Connections

When starting looking for connections take in mind it will be a long and time-consuming process, never focus on only one company, but rather try to get in and meet multiple companies, hearing their different offers etc.

Take in mind that time ways even to get in to meet one company and show them your game could take you a half a year perhaps more depending on the organization. Then after showing them your game you may end up waiting another month or more waiting for their answer. That is why I recommend contacting multiple companies for your time is important. You can easily find company details online using google chrome or any other search engine optimization.

Your First Meeting

When you finally reach your first meeting, my recommendation is to not talk or mention anything about your income, price or how much money you will see from commission. So many times people spent the majority of the time talking numbers, while in fact the purpose is to show off your game, and simply have a good time. A company is not concerned about your commission for if they truly like the game, you might just be able to negotiate a great price later, however if they dislike your game, or even your personality they might choose to not want your game in which case all your talk and wait was for nothing.

When you finally reach the meeting you have been waiting to talk about your game, what inspired it, how it played, and show it to them to impress them. Remember to be yourself and simply have a good time. For if they like you, and like your game you will most likely go one to the second faze which will then be commission or price negotiation. Be patient.

Final Contracts and Percentages

Finally comes the time where you get to talk to a company about your cut. Many companies these days give commission between 1%-3% from each sale, and that is considered rather normal especially with big time publishers. While if your game is really exceptional you might just be able to get in a contract of 4%-6% if you manage to get anywhere near these numbers make sure to cherish the offer.

On rare times in my past I did manage to find companies to offer and give me 5% however this was extremely rare, and when working with thus companies quickly discovered that their had a very low volume of sales, in which case having a 2% commission contract with a large publisher may have actually made me more profit. However, that being said the smaller company was much nicer and gave me much better services. While larger companies sometimes really don’t give that great of customer service. Make your choice wisely.