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Here at Good New Games, we have built strong connections with numerous factories and board game manufacturers in China. As of such, it offers a large variety of wholesale board games for buyers, retailers and amazon sellers. Furthermore, Good New Games encourages private board game creators to license their games to various publishers, wholesalers etc.

White Label Board Games

Many large and small companies are in search of the best private label product to sell. Whether it is a large retailer and wholesaler looking for a private label solution or an individual interested in a white-label product to sell on amazon, everyone needs a successful product. 

Private label and white label board games need to successfully compete against existing games in the market. Therefore, these private/white label games need to have high replayability, be easy to learn and provide the players with a good time. 

Good New Game's selection of games are all of the above and more. Choose any one of our board games, card games, or tabletop games, and you can rest assured your customers will love it.

*Depending on exclusivity rights negotiated with our customers, some games might not be available in the future


A Game of Creation, for families,  2  players, age: 6-99, playtime: 20-30 min


You are an Apprentice for the Magic of Art, who mixes colors in order to create new drawings of monsters. in this game, your monsters come to life, and march down one of 3 roads in order to reach your opponents' notebook, and splash color on it.


If you got 3 monsters over to your opponents' line you win. Collect color fragments to create Red Blue and Yellow monsters, Mix the fragments together to create Purple, Orange, and Green monsters. 

Use there abilities to your advantage and become the greatest monster painter mage ever to live.

  • Lead Time - 3-4 months

  • Minimum - 1000 units

An adventure game, for families,  2-4 players, age: 5-99 playtime: 40-60 min


Your pirate friends and you found an ancient map telling about a secret treasure buried by Willie the rich himself. 

You go out on an adventure to find the hidden treasure. But beware, there are traps and obstacles, your life is in danger. 

Follow the clues, look carefully at every detail until you find the promised prize

  • Lead Time - 3-4 months

  • Minimum - 1000 units

A strategic space war game, for kids, 2-6 players, age: 7-99, playtime: 30-40 min


The Intergalactic emperor from the Azuny race has past away in a mysterious manner,

Now all the once united races go to war in order to claim the thrown for themselves and their race.


In every game, you you may play in a New Galactic Realm under different conditions.


Each alien race has its own special technologies.

Use the special attributes to take control the majority of the planets and you may become the next Intergalactic Emperor. 

  • Lead Time - 2-3 months

  • Minimum - 500 units

An educational puzzle, for kids, 1-2 players, age: 4-99, playtime: 10-30 min


This puzzle is a great tool for teaching kids the structure and logic of roads.


As kids build their own roads, in their own style, and put their own traffic signs, they realize the importance of keeping safe and understand what to look for.


Kids learn safety while having fun. Parents, feel free to challenge your kids by adding obstacles and scenarios.

  • Lead Time - 3-4 months

  • Minimum - 1000 units

Dice Games
Screenshot 2020-09-08 13.47.26.jpg

Any dice, with any picture


With advanced UV printing and molding, we can offer speedy dice printing services.


If you wish to print pictures of your choosing on dice, let us know your requirements and we will promptly print them. 

  • Lead Time - 1-2 months

  • Minimum - 1000 units

Screenshot 2020-09-08 11.43.02.jpg

Licensing Board Games

If you want to add games with a higher level of sophistication to your brand, you should license board games from new innovative creators who constantly publish games. There will be a short procedure for getting the license for using the board game but it is worth it.