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All Great Games Start with Friendship and a Pair of Dice

Every great Board game or Card Game ever designed Started out with a Vision, a Story, and a great way to deliver Fun.


With the power of friendship and creative Solutions any one can create a pretty awesome Board Game.

However sometimes to create Extra Ordinary Good New Games, you might want to add some great consultation and blend the ideas in to your work of Love. That is exactly were Good New Games comes into the picture.

We help you find Solutions or Ideas for unsolved Problems as well as guidance for all questions to do with Game Engines Graphics, Art, Testing, and much more!

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Did You Know?


Good New Games started in a shabby caravan up in the mountains in the summer of 1998.

At that time, the founders of the company were young kids with nothing to do on a blazing hot day. They only had Building Block pieces and a tiled floor. Out of boredom imagination grew; the Lego pieces became units, resources, meeples, and scoring systems, while the tiles on the floor turned into a playing board.​

In 2009 good new games started designing its own games and in 2014 opened its manufacturing liaison office in China. 

Currently, Good New Games supplies near

to 5% of all games in the industry. We supply to large retailers, publishers, and distributors.

We are also amongst the top companies that support Game Creators by providing higher commission than the usual!

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Board Game Advisors

Have you reached the Limits of your creativity? Could you use expert Consultation To go the extra mile?

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