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Chapter One: The Origin

Zaberias Chapter 1 The Origin: is a fascinating board game of strategy and territorial conquest. You and your friends will share hours of fun. In this game you will need to vanquish your opponents’ fortresses and units through creative tactics and strategies.

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Sovereign Chess is a two-player game, Black versus White, but with armies of ten different colors located around the board. These pieces are neutral, and can not be moved or captured, until one of the players lands on a square of the matching color. 

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You are a box stacker in a warehouse, competing with other workers for a great new job. 

Stack your boxes carefully! Don’t let them break! Sabotage your opponents’ stacks to get ahead! Use tactics to blast your opponent’s boxes to bits!

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A group of young Miracle Workers, known as the Lettermen, have decided to challenge each other and check who can recruit the greatest following. Beasts, Wizards, Knights, Orcs, and Undead alike are all available to be recruited, but they will only follow miracle workers who use Magical Letters that speak to their hearts and create the most powerful words.

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In the first game based in The Realms of Mindrin, Experience adventure and chaos in your quest to vanquish all opponents: good luck! The Realms of Mindrin Wars is a PvP-style card game of both strategy and chance. 

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Pull the Dice out of your pocket and role them to create your own unique quest. With our random dungeon dice, you can go on a special adventure together with your best friends face off monster’s, spell, traps and retrieve treasures beyond one's imagination.

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Storytelling is the one of the most basic creative skills that you can draw on for so many other skills, and being a good storyteller can even make you a more charismatic person. Dive in to another world and see what kind of cool stuff you can come up with. as your create your Adventure  in the Toon Realm

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You are the Great Pharoah Khufu, and your great and glorious reign is coming to an end. In order to become a ‘being’ of the afterworld, you must ensure that your mortal body is safeguarded and recognizable by your spirit. While your embalmers are well instructed on the methods of mummifying your physical body when the time comes, your pyramid is not yet complete. Not only that, but you must fill it with 9 sacred items, entice the Gods to bless your tomb, and finally place the capstone atop your magnificent pyramid and earn your place in the pages of the history books.

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Multiple games in one

Familiarize Kids With A Wide Range of Emotions

Finish Incomplete Sentences By Picking Different Feelings, Make Up Stories Using Feeling Cards As Characters Pick Feeling Cards That Show How Other People Look To Them and a handful of the best traditional card games in the history of man kind.

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Solar quest is a fascinating board game of strategy and territorial conquest. You and your friends will be outwitting one another throughout the entire game, using your unique races biomechanical ability tree, as well as your imperial fleet. You can win through conquest or through the completion of missions.

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Running a Circus is never an easy task, Especially not when you are a monster competing to get the greatest praise from the Majority of the spectators. Endless hours of fun, while creating dozens of different faces and trying to outsmart the other Monsters competing to get the spot light from you.

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Collectible playing cards where players play their hand against one another. It is a fast strategy game that makes you think five steps ahead of your component. Perfect for creating your own brand and making a product Children will keep on buying until they build their ultimate deck

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Your pirate friends and you found an ancient map telling about a secret treasure buried by Willie the rich himself. You go out on an adventure to find the hidden treasure. But beware, there are traps and obstacles, your life is in danger. Follow the clues, look carefully at every detail until you find the promised prize

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